New Jersey Title Insurance Company

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc., is a New Jersey Title Insurance Company.  We have been offering a full range of real estate transactional services and NJ title insurance products throughout the State since 2003.

World Wide Land Transfer, Inc. is a policy issuing agent for:

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  • Fidelity

Services We Provide

  • Owner’s Title Insurance Policies
  • Mortgage Title Insurance Policies
  • Payoff Retrieval
  • Cooperative Apartment Lien Searches
  • Leasehold Policies
  • Full and Short Period Title Searches
  • Municipal Department Searches
  • Upper Court Searches
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Foreclosure Searches
  • UCC Searches and Filings (County and State)
  • Judgment and Lien Searches
  • Open Mortgage Searches
  • Survey Inspections, Re-dates, Recertifications and New Surveys
  • Certified Copies Of Recorded Documents
  • Recordation

NJ Title Insurance Fees-

New Jersey title insurance is state mandated through the New Jersey Title Insurance Rating Bureau.  Hence, the cost difference between one NJ Title Company and another NJ Title Company should be nominal.  However it is not. Many New Jersey Title Insurance Companies charge additional ancillary fees and excessive settlement fees that you the consumer can guard against.

There is no such thing as discounted New Jersey Title Insurance there are however refinance, recast and substitution rates which the rating bureau has established.  In these examples the actual rate per thousand is much lower and the consumer doesn’t have to pay the large title insurance premium again.

Our Dedication to Service-

World Wide Land Transfer provides excellent service through personal attention and dedication by a team of highly skilled attorneys and support staff. All of this while constantly investing in and utilizing the most advanced technologies to increase efficiencies and add value to our clients.

Our tailored made “back-office” software greatly facilitates our ability to generate title commitments promptly and accurately. Our state-of-the-art, proprietary web-based tools, including our Settlement Cost Calculator, Express Ordering and Document Retrieval Software, as well as order placement and tracking systems, are available to all of our clients.

There are many choices for New Jersey title insurance providers and the only way to compete is to provide the best service possible.